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Dr. Steven A. Boggs, CEO


1987    MBA, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
1972    Ph.D., Physics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
1969    M.Sc., Physics, University of Toronto, Canada
1968    B.A., Physics, Reed College, Portland, Oregon

Professional Experience

Dr. Boggs spent from 1975 to 1987 with the Research Division of Ontario Hydro working in the area of solid dielectrics (XLPE cable, etc.), gaseous dielectrics (SF6-insulated systems), and insulation diagnostics (partial discharge detection, pulse propagation in shielded power cable, etc.)  In 1987, he joined Underground Systems, Inc. as Director of Engineering and Research where he was also responsible for USi’s capacitor subsidiary, Chicago Condenser, Corp., for which he wrote capacitor design programs, etc.  During this period, he also worked on the design of high temperature superconducting cable under EPRI sponsorship. 

Dr. Boggs joined the University of Connecticut in 1993 to take over as Director of the Electrical Insulation Research Center of the Institute of Materials Science as a Research Professor appointed to the Graduate Programs of Materials Science, Physics, and Electrical Engineering. He retired from the University of Connecticut in September 2013 to devote full time to NonLinear Systems, Inc.  From the early 1991 to very recently, he was also an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto where he supervised a series of three Ph.D. students over about 20 years.

Dr. Boggs has published about 300 technical papers in the areas of partial discharge measurement, high frequency phenomena in power apparatus, high field phenomena in solid dielectrics, capacitor technology, and SF6 insulated systems.  He was elected an IEEE Fellow (1992) for contributions to the field of SF6 insulated systems.  More recently, he received the 2010 IEEE Thomas W. Dakin “Distinguished Technical Contributions” award from the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society.

Research Interests

  • The application of transient nonlinear finite element analysis with coupled fields (thermal and electric, etc.) based on proprietary and, more recently, commercial software. 
  • Modeling of complex, often transient nonlinear, thermal phenomena
  • High (electric) field phenomena in dielectrics as related to conduction, degradation, failure, etc. 
  • High voltage engineering, especially through the modeling and use of nonlinear materials.
  • High voltage, high energy density capacitor technology, especially based on metalized polymer films.
  • Partial discharge measure­ment theory and tech­nology. 
  • Instrumentation design, development and application.
  • Statistical modeling of complex dielectric systems, economic systems, etc. 

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